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Yonkers Mayor Spano called out over alleged nepotism

April 28, 2023

Fox 5 New York

Richard Giacovas


In just 60 days, Mayor Mike Spano will attempt to take one more step towards making history by becoming the Democratic nominee for Yonkers mayor for a fourth term.

However, one of the mayor’s Democratic opponents says the name Spano is a bit too common among city employees.

Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda Isaac has accused Spano of nepotism, alleging that Spano has at least 14 family members on the city’s municipal payroll totaling $2 million dollars a year.

"There’s a big expense on the Yonkers taxpayers. There’s a 2 million dollar bill that’s a clear conflict of interest," Isaac told FOX 5 NY.

Spano admits that 14 family members are indeed employed in the city, but argues that it’s not something he thinks is an issue because of how large the Spano family is.

"There are probably over 300 relatives that live right here in Yonkers. My opponents would suggest anyone who’s a blood relative of mine ought not to participate in an open competitive civil service exam. But that is certainly not legal. I’m proud of family," said Spano.

Spano's youngest brother is a city clerk, and his sister-in-law is an executive director of the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency. Another brother, former state Senator Nick Spano, runs a lobbying firm based in the city and at least seven nieces and nephews are in civil service jobs including firefighters and police officers.

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