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Important Issues

Focusing on What Matters



Education has been an afterthought for Yonkers for as long as the current Mayor has been in office. Year after year, the school system lurches from crisis to crisis, and there is no long-term plan to stabilize it. Students have been going through school without access to the full range of art, music, and sports programming they deserve, and without adequate access to guidance counselors and school psychologists.  As Mayor, Corazón will prioritize public education, providing funding to restore these vital programs and creating a long-term plan that addresses the future stability of the school district.


Corazón is the City Council’s most vocal advocate for affordable housing in Yonkers. For years, she has pushed for a 20% affordable housing ordinance which would require developers to set aside 20% of new units for affordable housing. But the current Mayor vetoed the legislation Corazón championed, preferring to give away tax breaks with barely any strings attached for luxury condos. When she is elected Mayor, Corazón will put the community first and make the 20% affordable housing ordinance law. 


Public Safety

Public safety is a major concern for Yonkers, and the current Mayor is out of touch about the real experiences of the people. Ask any business owner who has been robbed, or senior citizen who fears walking alone at night or worshipper who worries about hate crimes and they will tell you that something must be done to keep the city safe. As Mayor, Corazón will tackle crime holistically, investing in mental health, violence interruption, and community programs. She will make targeted investments in law enforcement but ensure police are held accountable.

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